The recertification procedure, which takes place every three years, further confirms the positive impact of its activities. Its score rose from 109.5 points to 127.4 points.

Ethos Services, the operational entity of the Ethos Foundation, obtained a total score of 127.4 points during its B Corp recertification procedure, 17.9 points higher than in 2020. "We are very pleased with this result, which represents an external recognition not only of the positive impact of our activities, but also of our determination to keep on improving," says Vincent Kaufmann, CEO of Ethos. 

Anthony Gloor, deputy CEO of Ethos, who led the certification process, adds: "As a responsible company, we are committed to treating all our stakeholders as well as possible, including our employees, customers and suppliers. The B-Corp certification enables us to set ourselves ambitious and continuous improvement targets in all areas.”

Created in 2006, B Corp is an international label that attests to the positive impact of companies on society, i.e. the fact that they meet high standards in terms of social and environmental performance as well as transparency and legal responsibility. Awarded by the non-profit organisation B Lab, it is based on a detailed assessment of the company in five areas: governance, employee policies, customer relations, community relations and respect for the environment.

To obtain B Corp certification, companies must achieve a score of at least 80 points out of a maximum of 200. Companies must also undergo the evaluation and verification process every three years, to prove that they are still complying with the B Lab standards - which are themselves constantly evolving. There are currently nearly 8’000 companies worldwide that have been awarded the label, including more than 400 in Switzerland. The average score for certified companies in Switzerland is 86.7 points.

Ethos Services joined the B Corp community in May 2020 with a score of 109.5 points. Since then, new policies and measures have been adopted in all areas assessed in order to make further progress. Compared to 2020, Ethos Services' score has particularly improved in the areas covering relations with employees (+13.6 points) and respect for the environment (+6.5 points).

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